CoreVU leverages the expertise and content of two strategic partners to deliver on our proven formula for sales success.


WILL DO (Sales Engine Evaluation)Our partner’s research-based online sales engine evaluation is 40+ years old and is the ONLY one of it’s kind. It’s validated to accurately measure 5 levels of Goal orientation, 3 levels of Motivation and 16 Fears that reduce sales productivity in all stages of the sales cycle. Over 2/3 of those tested need a tune up, and are losing 20-30% of their productivity.

While popular “broadband” approaches such as the 16PF, Myers-Briggs, California Personality Inventory, FIRO’s and others provide helpful insights re: a candidate or existing sales person’s CAN DO, they do not offer predictive, validated insights re: their WILL DO.

Truth: Until their WILL DO is optimized they will not reach their full CAN DO potential.

CAN DO (Sales Training + Coaching)
ASLAN Training’s Other-Centered® Approach to Selling helps individual sales professional’s sell more with less stress. Founded 23 years ago, they have been a Top 20 Selling Power firm for the past 6 years.

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